Just a few hours' drive west of Medina will get you to the harbor of Yanbu, which is two separate cities. T.E. Lawrence, the British military officer well-known for his role in the Great Arab Revolt, lived in a typical Hijazi tower at some point between 1915 and 1916, while the new city to the south is known for its oil industry and refineries plants. The old town to the north, meanwhile, is an ancient staging point for the spice route.

Many of the attractions are located in the old neighborhood around the waterfront, which comes to life at night. Observe the water while eating fish caught in the Red Sea with the locals. Explore the neighboring Souq Al Lail, a night market that was once open late to accommodate fishermen, and its glistening aisles.

The warm, rich seas off Yanbu offer some of the best diving in Saudi Arabia, and the city is home to a few dive shops for intrepid divers. In this region of the Red Sea, the water's temperature never falls below 20 degrees Celsius, even in winter.

A few well-known locations are Seven Sisters, which is best known for its hammerhead sharks, though tiger sharks and tuna are frequently seen around the walls of coral as well; Abu Galawa, a paradise island surrounded by sharks, coral grottoes, and schools of barracuda; and the wreck of the SS Iona, which is now a stunning living reef.

Radwa Mount is a massive icon that rises 2,282 meters to the northeast of the city. Hassan Ibn Thabit, one of the companions or sahaba, of the Prophet Muhammad, was one of the Arabic poets who have been influenced by the mountain's craggy peaks and unusual red color over the years. The Al Nakhil range, which is famed for its honey and wild environment with lynx, tigers, wolves, and ibex wandering the terrain, has Radwa as its highest point. There are many excursions to this location of poetic beauty from Yanbu.

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