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Gorgeous Red Sea islands and majestic beaches can be found in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. One of these, Al Nawras Beach in the governorate of Yanbu, has been highlighted as a popular tourist destination during Saudi Winter. Al Nawras Beach is regarded as a top location for people seeking to unwind at the Red Sea's jewel, drawing thousands of visitors each year to take advantage of the variety of special experiences it provides to guests of all ages.

Fishing in the Red Sea, dining at one of the many beachside eateries, or setting up camp outside under the stars are all options for visitors. Families visiting Yanbu or the seaside like promenading in the area's green spaces or by its fountains because there is a lot of room and space for it. Children's games are available in these areas, and there are numerous locations where tourists can shoot panoramic photos of the area's natural splendor.

Best Things to do:

  • Al Nawras Beach provides you with a wide selection of enjoyable activities, from camping to fishing. Both fishing and stargazing are available to tourists in the Red Sea. You can treat yourself to a nice dinner at one of the island's restaurants if you intend to stay the night there.

  • If you enjoy scuba diving, you must go to Al Nawras Beach, which is regarded as the best location on earth for this activity. The area is also well known for being a popular beach location where you can relax and enjoy the sun. Indulge in various water sports like windsurfing, snorkeling, kitesurfing, or take a relaxing swim in the area's turquoise ocean. At numerous snorkeling locations, plunge into the sea's glistening waves to catch a peek of the underwater world. Enjoy wrecks, underwater canyons, coral gardens, and a bounty of fish in visibility up to 30 meters.
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Address of Al Nawras Beach

Al-Jaar, Yanbu 46434, Saudi Arabia

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