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The region of Yanbu that is farthest north is called Al-Bahar. The majority of the population is concentrated in Yanbu Al-downtown, Bahr's also known as Al-Balad. Although some also serve patrons from the Royal Commission, the majority of the eateries here cater to the numerous ethnic populations in the neighborhood. Additionally, there are a few coffee shops and some international chain restaurants in the vicinity. Additionally, a mall and several other shopping areas are situated nearby.

Yanbu Al Bahr, often known as 'Spring by the Sea,' is one of Yanbu's top beaches and offers a wide range of water sports. Yanbu Al Bahr Beach, one of Saudi Arabia's most serene beaches, is well-known for its stunning Red Sea beaches. Visitors can take their families to the beach for a wonderful picnic. This beach offers a ton of water-related enjoyment and breathtaking vistas. It offers both horseback riding and sporadic water sports including sailing, jet skiing, and scuba diving.

Additionally, the beach has opportunities for sailing and scuba diving. Jet skiing is another well-known beach activity, which is popular for its tough surf. While children play at the adjoining playground, tourists can stroll along the beach's walkway. Near the shore, they can also go swimming or snorkeling. It is advised that families have a picnic at the beach and join the Yanbuanis, who frequently bring buckets and spades to make sandcastles!

Visitors from all walks of life are welcomed to this picturesque beach, where they can enjoy the golden sand under the shining sun and the flowing waves of chilly sea breeze. There are a ton of tourist attractions and adventures at the unique diving places on the beach. You may benefit from the fantastic diving opportunities along the reef. Near the shore, there are many eateries where you may sample some delicious cuisine. One of the most well-known businesses in the city, the Saudi Diving Center, attracts the attention of many tourists.

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Yanbu' Al-Bahr 46431 Saudi Arabia

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