Yanbu Lakes

The warm, rich seas off Yanbu offer some of the best diving in Saudi Arabia, and the city is home to a few dive shops for intrepid divers. In this region of the Red Sea, the water's temperature never falls below 20 degrees Celsius, even in winter.

Yanbu Lakes, a significant Red Sea port in the Medina Province in western Saudi Arabia, is one of the greenest places in the region even if it isn't truly a natural lake. It is nonetheless well worth a visit. This wonderfully designed body of water is ideal for spending time with friends or having fun with the family because it is carefully kept and surrounded by lush vegetation. Yanbu Lakes is the ideal location for relaxing on the weekend, having fun with friends, and watching the sun go down thanks to its jogging grounds, children's play areas, serene setting, green spaces, and variety of other amenities.

Two distinct islands exist to mimic the natural habitat and establish equilibrium throughout the lake. One of these islands has a dock that extends into the lake, while the other is reached by a wooden bridge. A bird garden in the park draws migratory birds.

All families can have a picnic there, and it draws lots of tourists who wish to take advantage of the serene setting and fresh wind. The 21,276 square meters of greenery that encircles the lake are home to 373 trees, palm palms, and over 1590 plants.

Four small waterfalls with gorgeous night lights have been built, along with a walking track that crosses the lake, and there are several locations set aside for the enjoyment of picnickers on the lake's coast. There are 172 parking spots available, and eight of them are reserved for individuals with special needs. A walking path that crosses the lake and four tiny waterfalls have been constructed. Additionally, there are various areas designated for picnickers' enjoyment along the lake's coast. 

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Address of Yanbu Lakes

An Nawah, Yanbu 46456, Saudi Arabia

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