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Visit Radwa Museum if you want to get a full understanding of Yanbu's past. Owner Salem Eid Salem Al-Juhani converted his home into a private folklore museum in Yanbu Al-Bahr to exhibit his historical artifacts. Additionally, the Radwah Museum has taken part in numerous national gatherings and celebrations in Jeddah, Al-Zulfi, Janadriyah, Madinah, and Yanbu. It has gained popularity as a local tourist destination and strives to provide visitors a glimpse into the rich history of the Kingdom by showcasing a variety of rare heritage equipment.

Salem Al-Hajouri, a retired principal of a school, works full-time as a curator at the authorized private museum. He has a passion for historical items. He has accumulated historical items for 40 years. It is because of his meticulous leadership that princes, celebrities, sheikhs, and foreign delegations have all visited the museum.

Divisions of Museum:

The museum is divided into three primary sections: seafaring, historical coins, and heritage. Six halls have been created from these sections, and each one contains the following:

An antique car, worn clothing, and old materials.

Early Islamic paintings and weapons from that period include shields, swords, guns, and spears that have Arabic inscriptions on them.

Islamic and Arab commemorative medals and rare gold and silver coins.

Old books, newspapers, testimonials, and manuscripts.

Cooking utensils, ceramics, and copperware

Old fishing equipment and other artifacts provide insight into Yanbu's rich marine life.

Things to see:

Visitors can observe historical relics including vintage coffee pots, radios, firearms, televisions, and lanterns as they go through the museum. There are also life-size replicas of a ceramics shop and a former grocery store, complete with the goods sold there. Newspapers that have been in circulation since the reign of King Abdulaziz, as well as historic automobiles and tanks, are housed in the museum's ancient library. Due to their rarity and historical significance, the exhibits on show are believed to be worth a total of $ 2.5 million, notably the meticulously kept handcraft tools and pottery pieces that date back to Roman times.

A must-visit place for history lovers:

One of the heritage museums and structures that leave a unique mark on the city of Yanbu is the Radwa Museum. This museum, which preserves the city's history, has been successful in drawing tourists from all over the world who are interested in history and former lovers. The inspiration for this museum came from a citizen who wanted to turn his home, which is filled with historical items, into a museum to preserve the artifacts that serve as a constant reminder to him and all of us of the dignity and veracity of the past.

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Address of Radwa Museum

Al Rabwa, Yanbu 46428, Saudi Arabia

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