Historic Yanbu

The ancient city of Yanbu is renowned for preserving a rich history spanning centuries within its residences and marketplaces. Yanbu has a lengthy and interesting history. You may travel through time by visiting the historic part of the city, where tall coral structures remain proudly. Don't forget to visit the perfectly preserved old home of Lawrence of Arabia as you meander through its labyrinthine alleyways.

When you enter the city's historic district, you may wander through structures that originally housed traders. Since they were built using materials that could endure the harsh climatic conditions brought on by their proximity to the seaside, these homes have managed to retain their distinctive architectural features.

The historic district, which extends over 45,000 sq.m at the southern end of Yanbu Al-Bahar, is currently one of the most significant Red Sea tourist destinations. It is also known as the Al-Balad or Al-Swar district and has about 100 historic structures with beautiful views of the seashore.

Places in Historic Yanbu:

Tourists from within and outside the city visit the district's heritage and commercial buildings. The region is a hub for businesspeople and commerce nowadays, yet it is distinguished by its old, tall stone houses with wooden doors and ceilings inscribed with Qur'anic verses. The most well-known of these structures are the ancient Night Market, Jabarti House, Shami House, Babtain House, and Khatib House.


The Ministry of Tourism, in collaboration with the Yanbu Municipality, repaired and revitalized historic Yanbu to make the region a prominent destination for tourists interested in cultural heritage travel both inside and beyond the Kingdom.

The Historic Yanbu festival:

The Historic Yanbu festival, which features traditional goods and services from prosperous families and craftsmen as well as cultural events, is conducted annually to highlight the local heritage and draw investment in the tourism industry. As part of ongoing attempts to revitalize the historic district, the ministry of tourism also plans to host events every weekend.

Best Things to Do:

  • Attending a garden party in the city will allow you to have a wonderful lunch. Picnics with family members are ideal in Yanbu Historic Area. Grab some fresh fish from the nearest stores and enjoy it with your loved ones.

  • While enjoying delectables, one can admire the local culture and architecture of Saudi Arabia. There are numerous cafes and small eateries in the area that provide Qahwa, or native Arabic coffee. One activity to do in Yanbu is to appreciate the local culture. For this, visitors can stroll through the Yanbu Historic Area or even rent a bike and ride around.
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Address of Historic Yanbu

El-Balad, Yanbu 46424, Saudi Arabia

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