Radwa Mount

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One of Yanbu's villages called Rakhou, which is in the western Saudi Arabian region of Al Medina, is where Radwa Mount can be found. The height, beauty and fame of this peak are well known. One of the Yanbu Al Nakhil Mountains is Radwa Mount, which is made up of numerous mountains. The mountain is almost 27 kilometers long from east to west and has a surface area of over 120 square kilometers.


Many authors and historians who visited Yanbu have expressed interest in Radwa Mountain. Because of its splendor and vivid red hue, it had a significant impact on their literature and poetry. Al-Mutanabbi, Hassan ibn Thabit, and Abu Al-Alaa Al-Ma'arri are three of the most well-known poets to have referred to Radwa Mountain in their works.

Things to see:

  • One of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's distinguishing natural characteristics is Mount Radwa. From ancient times till the present day, poets have sung of this majestic soaring red mountain, which rises along with its majesty enveloping the sky, in their poetry. Deer, birds, and unique creatures reside on the mountain, which is also home to deer. It is also distinguished by a mountainous landscape that makes climbing difficult.

  • There are many traditional bee cells in Radwa Mountain that young people inherit from their parents and grandparents and that continue to produce high-quality honey from wild, unpolluted flowers. Wild alshath, albasham, shohat, palm, mint, arar, and alkhazam are a few of the plants that are there. Along with falcon and eagle, Radwa Mountain is home to partridge, lunar, pigeon, and other birds. There are also several wild animals like wolves, gazelles, ibex, leopards, and lynx.


When you reach the summit, trekking is not only enjoyable but also makes you feel peaceful. You must organize an expedition to Radwa Mount to appease your intrepid side. The spectacular mountain range known as Radwa Mount rises to a height of 2,282 meters and is surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Numerous trekking paths may be found in the picturesque range. While hiking this mountain, explore its wilderness. For the hike, remember to take food, drink, and other essentials. There are numerous organizers of organized hikes that you can sign up for. The region is well known for its organic honey. Make sure to consume this delectable liquid when the voyage is finished. To explore the wilderness, one can set up camp and hike up mountains. The spring season offers the optimum conditions for an expedition, making it the ideal time to visit the range.

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Address of Radwa Mount

Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

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