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Since its construction between 1773 and 1784, Place Garibaldi has piqued the interest of Nice residents who enjoy gathering there. It is almost as well-known as its neighbor, Place Masséna. 


Learn about how the site has evolved to suit various purposes:

This large square was originally a military parade ground built in the late 18th century and was named for Italian nationalist and military hero Giuseppe Garibaldi, born in Nice.

It is now a significant tram crossroads and a hub of the local community, surrounded by cafes, pubs, and eateries. 

When you look closer, you see there are many incredibly realistic trompe l'oeil works:

A magnificent statue of General Giuseppe Garibaldi, built in 1891, stands at the center of the 11,316 m2 space and appears to watch people who pass by. The northern end of Boulevard Jean Jaures and the square have crypts underneath them. There are pieces of the Pairoliere Tower, the Saint-Sebastien bastion, and the Augustinian faubourg. 

Spend time soaking in the sun and sipping on some freshly squeezed juices:

Due to its location in the hip Port neighborhood and the abundance of sunny restaurant terraces, Nice's oldest square is now sought-after. It is already very sunny, and the ochre facades surrounding it make it much more so. The various restaurant terraces in Nice are popular spots for locals and tourists to enjoy lunch in the sun or the glamour of the Côte d'Azur nightlife. 

Wherever you look, you will be in awe of the beauty:

The Garibaldi monument is located close to the center of the square. 

On a pedestal adorned with escutcheons and lions, Garibaldi is displayed. 

Jean Jaures Boulevard, Republic Avenue, rue Cassini Street, and Catherine Segurane Street are all fixed to the square. Baroque structures with arcades surround the area. 

Most structures have three floors and facades made of yellow or orange brick. The National Theatre, the Cafe de Turin, and the Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher are all located on the square.

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