Monastere de Cimiez

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The Monastery of Cimiez, which consists of the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and the Franciscan Museum, is worth a visit. It was the brothers of the Abbey of Saint-Pons who, in the 9th century, built the Monastery of Cimiez. In 1543, the convent of the Franciscan brothers was razed during the siege of Nice. Three years later, they bought the Monastery from the Brotherhood of the Benedictines. 

After the Revolution, the army transformed into a military hospital. After the Sardinian Restoration, it again became a parish church under the direction of the monks. In the 19th century, the addition of neo-Gothic facades and a porch gave it its current style.

As a result of this rich past, the Monastery is now listed as a Historical Monument. The Monastery is the most symbolic site of Cimiez.


Admire the art and seek peace: 

In this 15th-century church, you will admire three major paintings of the primitive Niçois Louis Bréa: a Pietà, the Crucifixion, and the Deposition. 

Also, note the imposing baroque altarpiece of carved wood. You can pray at the altar to find some solace. 

Trace the evolution of art here:

The museum traces Franciscan life in Nice since the 13th century and houses interesting frescoes and works of art. 

Stroll in the parka and soak in the beautiful shadows of the church:

In the extension of the Monastery of Cimiez, a vast garden of 9,550 m2 offers a bucolic walk and a panoramic view of the sea and the entire city of Nice. It is the oldest in Côte d'Azur, inspired by Italian gardens. Originally, the monks used it as a vegetable garden. Since 1546, it has kept its original layout with its different vegetation areas, its central well, its wide varieties of flowers, and its magnificent rose garden that amazes visitors. Perched on the hill of Cimiez, the monastery garden also offers a unique view of the entire city and its famous neighbor: the hill of the Château de Nice.

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Address of Monastere de Cimiez

1 Place Jean Paul II, 06000 Nice France

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