Castle Hill of Nice

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It is possible to explore the remains of the Chateau, in addition to the ruins of an old cathedral and Le Park du Chateau, perched on top of a hill. 

By following mosaic-covered trails that wind their way through the vegetation, it is possible to arrive at a waterfall or fountain that gives the impression of being completely natural. 

Because it features a playground, open space, and a picnic area at its peak, the hill is a favorite destination for families looking for a place to spend the day together. 


Acquire an understanding of how the structure has been reshaped throughout its existence: 

The castle that once stood on this elevated area with a view of Old Nice and the harbor no longer exists, even though the location is still known by its original name. 

On its forested slopes, there are now two cemeteries; one is Jewish, and the other is Catholic. It is generally a peaceful location, but in June, there is a festival that lasts for two days and turns it into the most popular party spot in the city. Additionally, a cannon is fired there every day at noon. 

Once you've seen everything else, going to the graveyard is a trip that's worth taking:

The pathway that leads to the cemetery can be accessed from the port side by turning toward the land while keeping the water behind you. It is located directly behind the public restroom. 

After walking through the Jewish cemetery, you will find yourself at the entrance to the Catholic cemetery. 

There are the graves of royalty and other well-known figures, such as Emil Jellinek's grave, credited with founding the Mercedes brand (named for his daughter).  

Checking the time on your watch will assist you in maintaining your composure while you are on Castle Hill:

A cannon shot is fired in the direction of Nice every single day at precisely noon. The rumble can be heard especially clearly atop Castle Hill. 

According to the urban legend, Sir Thomas Coventry-More was firing his cannon when he called out to his wife, asking her to come back from the city center where she had been shopping for lunch. 

Descend and explore the base:

After exploring the cemetery, you can make your way down the stairs that lead to the Old Town. On the way, you'll walk by the fish market. 

The Cascade Dijon is an absolute must-see while you're in Castle Hill Park, so make sure to check it out while you're there. 

Views of this man-made waterfall, built in 1885, are breathtaking, regardless of whether they are taken from the top or the bottom of the waterfall. 

Grab a bite to eat: 

If you're starting to feel peckish, don't forget to stop by the park's on-site café, which is appropriately named the Café at the top, for a bite to eat on your way back down. 

Celebrate special occasions by attending the Fete de la Chateau, which takes place in Castle Hill Park on the last weekend of June:

This joyous dance festival takes place on the peak for two days, during which the park is flooded with music and positive energy. 

It won't cost you anything to take part in the festivities. 

Take your pick from the many options available to ascend the hill: 

The Old Town can be reached by climbing the 300 stairs (escalier Lesage).  

Taking the Castle Hill Elevator (ascenter) from the Old Town location next to the Tour Bellanda will get you very close to the hill's summit. 

Alternatively, you could ride the Petit Train de Nice, also sometimes referred to as the Road Train or the Tourist Train. 

If you want to join the cyclists and skaters who use Roller Station for the entire four-kilometer sweep of the Baie des Anges, you can rent skates, scooters, and bikes from them. 

Observe the beauty while ascending to a higher altitude: 

The train will take you on a brief tour of some of the city's attractions, and then it will stop at the top of a hill, where you will have ten minutes to explore on your own before it makes its way back to the station. 

As you walk along the promenade, be on the lookout for the Hôtel Negresco, the art deco Palais de la Méditerranée (1929), and Nicoise sculptor Sabine Géraudie's enormous iron sculpture La Chaise de SAB, which pays homage to the city's well-known blue-and-white beach chairs.

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