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Created by the City of Nice, Phoenix Park opened in 1990. It was built on an old swamp. Hence the name of the crossroads where it is located is 'snouillères'. Its name, 'Phoenix'' comes from the 'Phoenix canariensis' palm, the Canary date palm, now used as an ornamental plant worldwide.

No less than 14,000 m3 of land and 2,000 tons of rocks were used for its construction. Artificial valleys have been created to keep water away from the roots of plantations and to better highlight certain subjects. The park houses a greenhouse, one of the largest in the world. Everything is staged here to offer fireworks of colors and scents to visitors.


  • Learn about the site's historical significance:

In 1989, the United States of America offered the park a Sequoia sempervirens to commemorate the bicentenary of the French Revolution. The attraction of the park worth seeing is the statue of President Roosevelt that lies next to it.

  • Uncover botanical wealth and find rare treasures:

There are 350 palm trees divided into 52 species (31 in the greenhouse and 21 outside). You will find many Canarian dates and Mexican Washingtonia, while tropical species such as Cocotier, Christmas palm, Royal palm, etc., are presented under the greenhouse. Go on an exploration of these unique species to learn more about plants and their families.

  • Counter your curiosity by observing wildlife here:

Originally dedicated to hosting a floral and arborescent universe, the park also welcomes animals as another attraction. Many animal kingdom species represented here are lemurs, white brushed ouistitis, otters, wallabies, and many other species.

Kids will love a broad group of multicolored macaws who can break a nut from their beak to entertain them. Check out Kookaburras, a fearful carnivorous predator. This giant hunter-king is mainly known for the powerful and unforgettable territorial cry he usually utters in the morning and evening.

Among the various species of birds, pink flamants are a total delight to the eye. Watching them dance in the water and be playful throughout the day is fun.

The park also houses Anatides, a family of water-fed waterbirds. These include Swans, Geese, and Ducks. A multitude of their species is represented on the great central lake. You can feed them biscuits and play around with them for some fun.

  • Consider an excursion with the kids here for out-of-classroom learning:

Phoenix Park offers educational visits for kindergarten students. They are free of charge and must be reserved in advance. The proposed program instills knowledge about the animal, plant, and environmental world.

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Address of Phoenix Parc Floral de Nice

405 Promenade des Anglais, 06200 Nice France

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Phoenix Parc Floral de Nice

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