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Saint Nicholas is the largest Russian Orthodox cathedral outside of Russia and is also recognized as a French National Monument. This outstanding example of Russian architecture stands out in its semi-rural setting. 

By order dated August 11, 1987, the cathedral was designated as a historical monument and given the designation 'Heritage of the 20th century.' 


Learn about the historical impetus of the site:

The Russian imperial family began to frequently reside on the French Riviera in the second half of the 19th century, particularly in Nice. 

A significant Russian colony established itself there over time, leading to the creation of one of the most significant Orthodox churches outside Russia. It is the product of the Royal Family's efforts to meet the spiritual needs of the city of Nice's expanding Russian community. 

Identify the features that allow it to stand out as iconic:

Mikhail Preobrazhensky, a professor at the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg who also constructed several other Russian churches worldwide, created St. Nicholas of Nice. It draws design cues from the incredibly well-known Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed in Moscow and the stunning Russian Cathedral of St. Saviour-on-the-Blood. 

The bell tower dome of the cathedral is covered in gold leaf, and the building is designed like a Greek cross. 

Each of its six bulbous domes is accompanied by an Italian gilt cross. 

Magnificent mosaics are used to embellish its red brick façade. 

With its breathtakingly elaborate decorating, the church's interior is not to be outdone.  

The church also boasts a rich iconostasis created by the Khlebnikoff workshops in Russia, of all places. 

Absorb the beauty of the interiors:

The extraordinary beauty of the icons, frescoes, and woodwork represents the Russian painters' and architects' earlier generations' mastery of this art. 

The cathedral's choir, which looks out over a magnificent iconostasis, is the ideal illustration of this unrivaled beauty.

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Address of Cathedrale Saint-Nicolas a Nice

Avenue Nicolas II, 06000 Nice France

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Cathedrale Saint-Nicolas a Nice

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