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It is difficult to believe that one of the most serene locations can be smack in the center of the bustling Gorai district of Mumbai. The Global Vipassana Pagoda was constructed as an act of gratitude to Sayagyi U Ba Khin, a Vipassana instructor and the Accountant General of Independent Burma. They played a crucial role in bringing Vipassana back to its native country after it was banned in India.

In addition to admiring the Pagoda, which is a serenely captivating structure situated on a peninsula between Gorai Creek and Arabian Sea, visitors can participate in a quick 10-minute Aanapana Meditation session to see how beneficial the practice is before deciding whether or not they wish to sign up for a lengthy course. Whatever the decision, it will be worthwhile to see the Global Pagoda.


  • Take in the architecture:

Many architects and photographers are in awe of the Pagoda's Burmese-style design. The dome's attractive and practical structure with a golden covering draws many tourists, with Arabian waters as its backdrop.

Additionally, the Gong Tower and Bell Tower on the property are enormous constructions that, via their elaborate forms, mirror Burmese architecture.

  • Learn about the enlightenment, dhamma, and life of Lord Buddha: 

Many guests come to the Global Pagoda during difficult times and find complete harmony despite the present chaos. It is also regarded as one of Maharashtra's seven natural marvels.

The Pagoda promotes free classes on the Buddha's teachings on gratitude and the abolition of suffering to fulfill its mission of promoting enlightenment, dhamma, and the life of Lord Buddha.

Within the complex of monuments, a library and museum provide the same function.

  • Use meditation to enlighten oneself spiritually:

The Dhammaratana Meditation Center, located inside the complex, offers a free 10-day meditation course. Accommodations are available at the facility in identically constructed rooms.

For individuals with a hectic schedule, there are also one-day courses available.

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    1 hour 59 minutes

Address of Global Vipassana Pagoda

Near Essel World Next to Esselworld, Gorai Village, Mumbai 400091 India

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