Chennai is a magnificent city teeming with cultural landmarks made up of thriving historical monuments, recognizable ancient temples and traditions, rich art and craft centers, and picturesque sun-kissed sandy beaches.

Fort St. George, a landmark of the city constructed during the British Raj, is a government of Tamil Nadu administrative complex. The mortal bones of St. Thomas are kept in the great church known as Santhome Cathedral Basilica. Mamallapuram, also known as Mahabalipurm, is a well-known tourist destination with a rich history that is home to remnants of the Pallava Dynasty from the 7th and 8th centuries.

One of Chennai's most revered, strong, and ancient Shiva shrines is the Kapaleeswarar Temple. Dakshinachitra, an exotic arts community, has conserved the rich artistic and cultural history of Tamil Nadu and the other three South Indian states.

Both Indian and foreign tourists visit the Five Rathas, the street food market, and the shopping mart. The artisans, silk weavers, and other craftsmen show off their talents, winning over the tourists. It is a destination that everybody who enjoys the arts and literature must visit. Visit the Kalakshetra Foundation as well; it is a paradise for everyone who enjoys the arts. Include the Theosophical Society, Choki Dhani (on the way to Kanchipuram), and Guindy National Park on your list of places to visit!

Try some healthful yet tasty south Indian Sapaddu while visiting Chennai (thali). Do not forget to try the Soodu filter coffee, too! For exciting coffee flavors, visit The Madras Kafé, ID at Sathyam Cinemas or Ratna Cafe.

Marina Beach, the second-longest beach in the world, is a source of pride for Chennai. Numerous water sports are available at Marina Beach and the extended Coromandel Beaches. The coastlines are captivating and vivid. Another well-liked beach in the city is Elliot's Beach, also referred to as Bessy Beach. The AshtaLakhmi Temple and Velankanni Church are other attractions at the beach.

If you wish to adorn yourself in one of India's most iconic ensembles 'saris,' you can go to shops like Kumaran Silks, Nalli, Pothys, or Sundari Silks. This city is also a center for wholesale commerce in goods like stationary, steel, fruit, home necessities, electrical accessories, and electronics.

Chennai residents live in a spirit of warmth and joy akin to a home away from home, and this is also how they greet tourists coming to the city.

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  • Chennai experiences high humidity throughout the year, so pack breathable cotton clothes.
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