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Sai Baba is regarded as one of those spiritual reformers who is worshipped alone and has no affiliation with any particular god of any religion. Therefore, those attending the temple are not subject to religious restrictions. This temple has set days and hours for reading both the Christian Holy Bible and the Islamic Quran, which is something you won't find in any other place of worship.

Hindus and Muslims respect the Indian spiritual leader and saint, dedicating his life to preaching love, forgiveness, inner serenity, and generosity.


• The pious ambiance invites you in:

The saint's statue, flanked by Hindu deities, stands atop the elaborately decorated facade. Witness devotees receiving Prasada (a religious food offering) and darshan (a glimpse of a god) from the priests in a serene and elegant setting.

• The temple holds a great festival during Navaratri:

Vijayadashami is the final day of the ten-day festival, which lasts till Mahasamadhi day.

Worshiping the Gurus on Guru Purnima is also a significant holiday.

The most significant holiday is Sri Rama Navami because Sai Baba ordered his followers to celebrate that day as his birthday.

The birthday of Narasimha Swamy, which is observed on August 21st, is particularly noteworthy.

• Witness unique rituals here:

The Sai Baba Temple also still houses a portion of the flame that Sai Baba kindled in Shirdi to symbolize his contribution to society. Followers honor Sai Baba and his Sunday efforts by performing Agni Puja or flame worship. 

• Regardless of whether they are devotees of the saint, anybody can find tranquility in the shrine.

The location is open to visitors of all faiths. Anyone who enjoys listening to sacred texts or spiritual music is welcome to spend some time in this tranquil setting.

• The temple is devoted to upholding the religious peace that Sai Baba advocated:

Every Thursday at 4:30 PM, a Muslim saint recites the Quran, Islam's sacred book.

The temple is packed on Thursdays because there are Hindu bhajans and kirtans and the weekly 1,000-person feast known as annadhanam.

Following the Christian custom of Sunday Mass, the Bible is read aloud on Sundays.

• Explore the premise:

Two temples dedicated to Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, two legendary manifestations of Lord Vishnu. The ultimate resting place of Narasimha Swamiji is also located within the temple.

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    2 hours

Address of Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

Mylapore, Chennai (Madras) 600 004 India

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