The effects of the Civil War have significantly faded, and it appears that the Lebanese people's joie de vivre and hospitality are unaffected. Beirut is a culturally, aesthetically, and intellectually rich city. Lebanon's revitalized capital has a lot in store for you, including spectacular new hotels, wild nightlife, and an arts district.

Beirut is the Middle East's wild child, radiating an aura of well-ordered chaos with its designer shops next to gorgeous mosques and its bullet-riddled structures next to a thriving nightlife. Even after being battered by invading forces for years, the city that never dies nevertheless reverberates with energy and fortitude. The city, which was formerly a Phoenician harbor, is situated in a stunning setting on the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

It doesn't matter where you are—the opulent setting of the renovated Downtown, the busy streets of Hamra, or the swanky bars of Mar Mikhael—this is a destination that satisfies all desires. Tracing the route inside and outside of the former Green Line, which separated West and East Beirut, you will pass by deteriorating Ottoman mansions, bullet-riddled French Mandate-era flats, and modern buildings.

Despite the influx of upscale shops, concerts, and restaurants, the renovated Downtown exudes an eerie charm. Take a Servees taxi to the busier neighborhoods of Hamra and Achrafieh a trip worthy of anecdotal recounting, according to most tourists!

The dress code in Beirut is relaxed, so wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. However, dressing stylishly will be highly valued. When visiting places of worship, be mindful to cover up. Offer basic courtesy in the form of greetings to shops, hotel personnel, and taxi drivers. When you communicate with someone, keeping eye contact demonstrates sincerity, trust, and honesty. Although not required in Lebanon, tipping is nevertheless appreciated.

Visit the Beirut Souks for a more relaxed shopping experience. The perfect souvenirs would be a box of baklava or some locally made soap from Khan Al Saboun.

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  • Traveling to Lebanon is perfectly safe.
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