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The MiM museum of minerals, which opened its doors in October 2013, has contributed something distinctive to the nation's cultural landscape.

The private collection of minerals amassed by Lebanese collector and businessman Salim Edde is kept in this cutting-edge facility. The fascinating geological environment is fully displayed underground. Visitors are urged to learn more about the differences in crystal structure and chemical composition that distinguish various species of minerals through interactive screens that provide information in English, Arabic, and French.  What distinguishes different species of minerals, how these properties are in turn influenced by the geological environment of formation for minerals, such as pressure, temperature, and earthquakes, as well as the cycle of rocks and how they eventually become minerals. Main Exhibition Area:

As the exhibit moves on, spectators are enveloped in the breathtaking display of Mother Nature's best creations, which are represented by 1,480 organic art pieces. The variety of minerals is separated into nine groups by the conventional system for classifying minerals, and they are then grouped by continent and place of origin to put them in their proper geographic context. Visitors can continue to the treasure room, which was created to highlight the look of the most priceless minerals, as a magnificent finish. A few examples of semi-precious stones include tourmaline, quartz, and amethyst, among others.

These gems also include the greatest examples of rough, uncut, and unpolished gold and silver specimens as well as priceless stones like topaz, emerald, diamond, sapphire, and tanzanite.

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Damascus Street Saint Joseph University Campus of Innovation and Sport, Beirut, Lebanon

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