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Abha is the location to become fully immersed in the distinctive culture of the Aseer region by visiting the private collection, which is practically a museum, Raqadi Museum. 

The museum tells the history of the residents in the area. It narrates the tale in a modest reception area embellished with antique furnishings, including wooden doors painted green, old wall drawings, antique windows, and an unusually shaped roof. 

It is renowned for being one of Abha's oldest museums and housing an extraordinary collection of priceless archaeological manuscripts and other significant historical and heritage exhibits, numbering up to 2000 items. It is situated close to the Jabal Al Akhdar neighborhood in the city. Many individuals have visited the museum in Al-Rakadi, including locals, tourists, and visitors from other nations.


  • Muhammad Al-Rakadi decided to share his wealth of knowledge with the public through his rare collections, which receive a lot of annual traffic from tourists. According to him, it is a way of life, and the museum shows his desire to preserve Asir's history and culture.
  • Take a walking tour and stroll while taking in the local culture. The walls are decorated with antiques, and the drapes are fashioned of Asiri patchwork material. The creations of regional artists and artisans tell inspirational historical tales. 
  • Along with images of King Abdul Aziz and his sons, the museum also houses the Asiri Council, which features traditional halls, historical relics, fireplaces, and an old TV room.
  • Traditional women's attire, silver jewelry, antiques, pots, and a portion with an old Asiri kitchen with ceramics, old dining tables, lanterns, and a private area for photography and paintings. Old coins, periodicals, and magazines can also be found in a separate section.
  • The museum is administered by his wife in case any female tourists arrive and require a female guide. His wife claimed to have gained the ability to converse with people about the area's history and the objects on display. She claimed they had gathered historical artifacts to illustrate the inhabitants' lives, particularly Asiri women.
  • The museum shop offers a variety of souvenirs in addition to tableware, apparel, and jewellery that are all historically designed.
  • After visiting the museum, shop in the thriving traditional markets of Abha and Khamis Mushait, a sister city. After that, explore old areas like Al Nasb and Al Basta.
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    1 hour 30 minutes

Address of Al Raqdi Museum

Imam Abdul Rahman Bin Faisal Bin Turki Road, 62521 Abha, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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