Green Mountain Cable Car

The name Green Mountain (Jabal Thera), accessible by cable car, also comes from the greenery and lights that cover its façade, providing expansive vistas of the adjacent Sarawat Mountains, which are essential to any trip to Abha.

Despite being less popular and peaceful for most of its history due to its hilly topography shutting it away from the rest of the world, the area's popularity is gradually growing because of government-sponsored tourism promotion. Previously a military command post, the mountain has been transformed into a leisure area with restaurants, coffee shops, and an internet cafe.


Enjoy the bird's eye view

  • Visitors are welcome to ascend the mountain by cable car, from where they may admire the breathtaking majesty of the valley below and breathe in the brisk mountain air. The pathways offer a unique vantage point that will take you both above and inside the city's historical sites.
  • The Abu Khayal Park cable car line is the only one in the world to be hung between just two pillars a kilometer apart and stands close to 300 meters tall. Visitors ascending this path to Green Mountain can see the kid-friendly Abu Khayal Park above.
  • From the Abha Al Jadidah Cable Car Station, you can take a cable car 400 meters up Green Mountain to the summit of the New Abha Resort. It offers stunning views of the city's rolling hills and famous lake Sadd.

Visit exciting sites that reflect the history of people and the place

  • Another significant location is Shada Palace, one of the city's numerous hilltop defenses. The native dwellings, made of wood, stone, and clay and frequently painted in vivid colors, are characteristic features of the area. More cultural events, such as poetry readings, concerts, sporting competitions, festivals, and exhibitions, are being held in the city.

Spend time in the higher altitudes

  • Visitors can bask in the views of Lake Sadd and the surrounding hills before returning to the resort. Among the facilities accessible to guests are kid-friendly activities, superb dining, upscale shopping, and watersports. The mountain also provides guests with campfire and grilling amenities. They could look up at the clear sky and enjoy the view of the Arabian night sky.

Indulge in delicious food at restaurants

  • Guests can have delicious dinners from any of the eateries there while admiring the breath-taking views of the illuminated Green Mountain. Some of the more well-known restaurants on the mountain are Pizza Hut, Nine Sense Cafe, Restaurant Nights India, Palm Court Cafe, and N Lounge.
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    1 hour 30 minutes

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Abha Mountains, Abha Saudi Arabia

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Green Mountain Cable Car

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