Abha Al Jadidah Park

Experience the allure of Abha Al Jadidah Park, an innovative mountaintop public park beckoning families for delightful moments with their children. Offering an array of both indoor and outdoor amusements, this park boasts an array of tourist amenities such as walking trails, dining establishments, charming cafes, and an engaging games arcade.

Embark on a captivating cable car journey departing from Abha Al Jadidah Cable Car Station, soaring to the pinnacle of Green Mountain, 400 meters above New Abha Resort. Revel in breathtaking vistas of the city's undulating hills and the renowned Sadd Lake as the cable car glides gracefully. The scenic ride spans 25 to 30 minutes, culminating at the hilltop, where a cluster of eateries and food stalls beckon with tantalizing offerings ranging from snacks to beverages and indulgent ice cream.

Following your mountain escapade, delve into the enchanting Abha Resort, replete with an abundance of child-friendly activities, upscale dining establishments, a bustling shopping complex, a thrilling bowling alley, an arcade brimming with entertainment, and invigorating watersports to complete your unforgettable experience.

How to explore Abha Al Jadidah Park?

- Take a breathtaking cable car ride to the top of Green Mountain.

- Take advantage of a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities for families and children.

- Explore walking paths amidst scenic surroundings.

- Indulge in delicious meals at restaurants and cafes.

- Engage in fun games at the arcade.

- Shop at a well-equipped shopping center.

- Enjoy bowling and arcade entertainment.

- Engage in exciting watersports.

  • imageDuration Required
    2 hours

Address of Abha Al Jadidah Park

Abha Al Jadidah, Abha, Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Abha Al Jadidah Park

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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