Santorini Volcano

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The most frequent query is Does Santorini has an active volcano? The Santorini Volcano is active and a fascinating place to explore despite its dormant state.

Given that the volcano created the island's current shape and morphology, it is generally regarded as one of the island's most significant features and attractions. Santorini used to be a much larger, round island; as a result, its name used to be Strogili, which means circle, before the numerous volcanic eruptions that took place over the years, some of which were submarines.

Five distinct islands were made as a result of this volcanic activity: Therasia, Aspronisi, Santorini, a volcanic island, and the volcanic islands of Nea Kammeni and Palaia Kammeni, which are all near to one another and currently accessible. Not to mention the stunning beaches, the majority of which have black sand and lava rocks.

The creation of the Santorini Caldera, which takes up much of the island, is the most unusual result of these eruptions. Its raw beauty is created by the imposing, gigantic cliffs, where lovely, modest white homes and hotels have been constructed. These cliffs provide a fantastic view of the volcano and the nearby islands.

Hot Springs

Because of its hot springs' therapeutic qualities, Nea Kameni has grown to be a popular destination for many tourists.

Due to the warm, yellowish waters of Agios Nikolaos, a little cove on the Nea Kameni islet, which is claimed to be medicinal and contains high concentrations of sulfur, the area has long been regarded as the holy grail of health.

Additionally, Palea Kameni has hot springs that are accessible only by boat and are well-known for their therapeutic properties.

They may be reached by boat, and numerous boat excursions and cruises make a stop there so that guests can plunge into the warm water and unwind for a while.

Volcano Boat Tour

Join one of the daily trips for an opportunity to walk on solid black lava above the steaming volcano's main crater and other openings bursting with sulfur steam for an even closer view.

The crater is at Nea Kameni, and it is about a 20-minute walk away amid beautiful lunar terrain.


A trek along the rim of the massive craters of the nearby sleeping big volcano is the greatest way to appreciate its size.

It is as close as one can get to viewing an extraterrestrial moonscape in person thanks to the ground's unusual combination of earthy colors and odors, which is rich in sulfur lava, fumes, and iron. It is a truly amazing experience!

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