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What's next on your plan for Rome now that you've visited the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain? Travel to Trastevere, a quaint, fiery-spirited area from the Middle Ages, across the Tiber River. You may escape the crowds and find a more undiscovered area of Rome by taking a stroll through Trastevere, a once working-class neighborhood with vibrant nightlife. One of Rome's most vibrant and authentic neighborhoods is the ever-trendy Trastevere, with its ochre palaces, ivy-covered facades, ancient cobbled pathways, and hippie vibe. Even its name, across the Tiber, tras tevere, alludes to both its position and sense of distinction. This neighborhood's maze of backstreet alleyways, which are endlessly beautiful and mainly car-free, fills with people after dark as people flock to its affluent and stylish cafes and restaurants.

Morning Time in Trastevere:

After spending the morning at the vibrant Campo de' Fiori market in Centro Storico, take a three-minute walk to the Tiber and cross the river on the stone Ponte Sisto bridges to get to Trastevere. The center of this confusing neighborhood is Piazza di Santa Maria, so make your way there. Take the busy Via del Moro, which is loaded with stores and cafes, then turn around onto one of the quiet gravel side alleyways, which is full of dilapidated structures with fading paint. The streets are brightened by flowers and religious sites, while graffiti is painted on the shutters of closed taverns, and laundry is hung between buildings.

Afternoon Time in Trastevere:

Enjoy a leisurely lunch at the charming Trattoria Da Lucia, which features outside seating and serves classic Roman meals. Walking through Porta Settimiana, turn right onto Via Della Lungara, and Villa Farnesina will be on your right. The magnificent paintings painted by artists like Raphael can be found throughout this lavish Renaissance palace that Peruzzi constructed. To reach Galleria Corsini, a baroque palace with an assortment of vintage works of art by Titian and Caravaggio, cross the street. The Orto Botanico of the University of Rome, a botanical garden oasis with more than 7000 plant varieties, is located behind the palace and is the ideal spot to unwind.

Evening Time in Trastevere:

Romans and visitors alike swarm to Trastevere to partake in its vibrant nightlife. Trattorias are packed to the gills with hungry eaters, shutters are raised to show pubs and clubs across the neighborhood, and people congregate in the streets to smoke and chat. Choose from trattorias, pizzerias, or fine meals to refuel for the evening. If you're a fan of pizza, stop by Dar Poeta for delicious wood-fired pizzas.

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    2 hours 30 minutes

Address of Trastevere

00153 Rome Italy

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