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On Riyadh's outskirts towards the north is a desert region called Al Thumama. Although it does not resemble a typical desert, the towns and wind-sculpted dunes do lend it a mystical and distinctive beauty. There are numerous ways to take in the beauty of the desert. Discover the many sunsets, extraordinary formations of the enormous sand dunes, and the essence of the serene desert atmosphere. One of the most extensive deserts in Saudi Arabia, Al Thumama draws many tourists and residents each year. If you are a tourists there, you can choose from a wide range of exciting adventure activities in addition to this. The desert is also home to many eateries and shacks that provide delicious delicacies to keep you company while you're there. The bright days and cool evenings of the Al Thumama Desert are ideal for watching a vibrant sunset.

How to explore Al Thumama Desert?

  • Driving across the dunes in your jeep is always an option. You can also take a guided jeep safari tour across the desert's undulating dunes.
  • You can even go dune bashing on bikes if you're adventurous, but doing so would require considerable skill.
  • Enjoy a captivating bonfire with warmth, music, and light at night in this desert's magical environment.
  • Spend a peaceful night under the stars by pitching a tent at one of the desert corners.
  • Let your list also include horseback riding in the dunes for an adrenaline rush.
  • Quad biking with friends in the sand-clad landscape is another fun activity to indulge in.
  • If you have learned about skateboarding, these sandy dunes are the best for this exciting adventure.
  • Go dirt biking in some flat land areas of this desert to add to the fun.
  • The desert also conducts camel riding and feeding activities which are top-notch attractions.
  • Explore the little villages in and around the Al Thumama desert region.
  • Planning a barbeque evening with friends in this peaceful desert environment can give you some privacy and add to the excitement.
  • Plan a cozy night in the desert with your family in a Birlilla van. Either take ready-to-eat meals or consider takeaway food from the vendors present there for meals. Enjoy eating food on the windy dunes.
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    4 hours

Address of Al Thumama Desert

Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Opening & Closing time of Al Thumama Desert

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