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One of Goa's oldest churches and the first chapel church is St. Alex. It was constructed in 1597 on the shores of Angoddi Tollem Lake, giving it a picturesque natural backdrop and the serenity of being situated on the site of an old Hindu temple devoted to the mighty deity Ravalnath, an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

The Communidade of Curtorim provided financial support for the construction of this Church in 1597. The Church was renovated in 1647, and it is now a magnificent building that stands momentously by Angoddi Tollem, one of Curtorim's five large lakes. When the young people of the hamlet construct a floating crib in the lake during the Christmas season, the St. Alex Church appears truly magnificent.

The Church's vivid decorations and more modern take on the 18th-century design are reminiscent of the Mangueshi temple at Priol. The Alex Church has walls made of red laterite in some areas and white paint in others, following the same architectural style and pattern as churches in Salcete. Only the porch and façade are plastered.

The main altar's scrolling pilasters give it a very lovely appearance. With the massive palm trees around it, the church appears dignified with a plain whitewashed facade. The church's interiors are opulent and exquisite, with a brilliantly adorned pulpit and screen.

On December 18, the villagers commemorate the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe with more fervor. Since every prayer from December 18 to December 25 would start with the Latin letter O in ancient times when services were conducted in Latin, this feast is also known as the Feast of O. Kelleam Fest is another name for this celebration. This is because many bananas were traded in the past at the fair for this feast.

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Curtorim, Panjim, India

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