Kentucky Derby Museum

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The Kentucky Derby Museum is situated on the premises of Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. Located close to the renowned racetrack, this destination offers a seamless and engaging experience for those in close proximity to the renowned racetrack. This destination offers a seamless and engaging experience for those who are passionate about horse racing.

The Kentucky Derby Museum houses a remarkable assortment of historical items and souvenirs linked to prior champions of the renowned race. The collection includes various items, such as jockey silks, trophies, and other significant mementos that witness these legendary horses' remarkable accomplishments and connections.

Within the museum's walls lies a remarkable time capsule, carefully sealed in 1974 and designated to remain unopened until the year 2074. This significant artifact honors the 100th anniversary of the Kentucky Derby, a momentous occasion that will be honored in the distant future. The collection comprises a diverse range of race-related items and stands as a powerful emblem of the event's lasting impact.

The closely reconstructed Derby Winner's Circle is a notable museum attraction. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the winning jockeys' footsteps and appreciate the thrill of triumph. This presents an excellent opportunity to capture a memorable photograph and experience the electrifying energy of this momentous occasion in the world of racing.

Things to do at Kentucky Derby Museum

Explore the exhibits: Take your time exploring the various exhibits at the museum, each of which offers a unique glimpse into the rich history, cherished traditions, and unforgettable moments of the Kentucky Derby. Discover the fascinating world of horse racing and delve into the stories of the iconic equines, skilled jockeys, and accomplished trainers who have left a lasting legacy on the sport.

Watch a Film in the Great Hall: Immerse oneself in the thrill of the Kentucky Derby with a captivating 360-degree film showcased in the magnificent Great Hall. Experience the excitement of the race from various viewpoints and immerse oneself in the action.

Visit the Winner's Circle: Experience the thrill of standing in the Winner's Circle, where triumphant jockeys have basked in the glory of their victories. Visitors can immerse themselves in the experience of victory by either capturing a timeless photograph or envisioning the emotions of a champion.

Take a guided tour: Join a guided tour run by knowledgeable guides to learn about the rich history and traditions of Churchill Downs. Gain fascinating insights into the racetrack's past and present as you explore this iconic venue. Discover the various sections of the racecourse, such as the Paddock, where horses are groomed and readied for their upcoming races, and the Jockeys' Quarters, where riders prepare themselves for the competition ahead.

Try the simulators: Immerse oneself in the excitement of horse racing through the interactive simulators offered by the museum. Experience the thrill of being a jockey and put your skills to the test at the Kentucky Derby. See if you have what it takes to come out on top and claim victory.

Attend Special Events: Be sure to stay tuned for exclusive events organized by the Kentucky Derby Museum, including engaging talks by guest speakers, hands-on workshops, and captivating themed exhibitions. Attending these events presents exclusive opportunities to interact with the racing community and explore the intricacies of the horse racing universe.

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Address of Kentucky Derby Museum

704 Central Ave, Louisville, KY 40208-1212

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