With a 2,700-year history, Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in Western Europe. Lisbon is a city in Western Portugal that is situated at the Tejo River's mouth. Its hilly seaside capital city experiences more than 300 sunshine days annually on average. After Athens, the city is the oldest in all of Europe, and it is thought to be four centuries older than Rome.

Today, the city is alive with activity. A metropolis is bursting with color, personality, and imagination. The historical riches and contemporary charms in this Portuguese city strike the perfect balance between old and new. The city is renowned for its distinctive historical center, beautiful architecture, vibrant Azulejos (ceramic tiles), cuisine, nightlife, colorful buildings, fado music, and hospitable residents.

Lisbon is home to many eateries because it is a melting pot of cultures and races. There is definitely a restaurant that serves the type of food you want. Bacalhau, also known as salted cod, is a favorite among Portuguese people. Portugal is also known for its seafood in general. Do not forget to drink your wine because Portugal produces some of the world's top wines.

Lisbon's nightlife is quickly establishing itself as one of the most dynamic, cutting-edge scenes in all of Europe. There is something for everyone, whether you want to enjoy live music while sipping cocktails or want to dance the night away. Pink Street, Bairro Alto, Principe Real, and Alfama are a few of these vibrant areas for an enjoyable nightlife experience.

One of Portugal's most elaborate churches is the monastery in the Belem neighborhood which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Sé de Lisboa, established in 1147, and the Convento do Carmo, constructed between 1389 and 1423, are two other churches worth visiting.

But there is also the new, hip, and stylish alongside the old. The LXFactory converted an industrial complex of a fabric industry into a fashionable, trendy location with eateries, boutiques, cafes, and galleries.

Lisbon is made up of many neighborhoods, each with a unique vibe waiting to be discovered. Once you visit, you will be enchanted by its magic.

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  • Wear comfortable footwear, especially while visiting the hilly parts of Lisbon.
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