Izmir, historically also known as Smyrna, straddles the Aegean coast at the head of Gulf of Izmir in Turkey beatifically. The third-largest city in the country, it is also one of the oldest ones in the Mediterranean. Its first settlement date back to 1st millennium BC, established by the mighty Greek. Afterward many other powers reigned over it in the next thousands of years, with the Romans being a resonating force among them and Alexander the Great restoring it with glamor after Lydian invasion, and Byzantines making a severe dent in the fortune before giving in to the Ottoman’s in the 15th century. So, Izmir, as you can see, is a treasure trove of historic wealth. The excavated archeological sites of Roman Agora and its archeological museum of history and art, and other heritage sites, along with its fascinating large bazaar, all attesting to that glimmering past and blend of cultures and cuisines that makes it one of the most titillating Turkish cities. Near are also Ephesus and Pergamum, two ancient sites that also attract travelers.

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