Elafiti Islands

Even though Dubrovnik is best known for its picturesque Old Town, if you're looking for something different to do in Dubrovnik, you won't want to miss a trip around the Elaphiti Islands. These islands are a short day trip from Dubrovnik and are ideal if you want to avoid the crowds and take in some of the more genuine aspects of Croatian culture.

The Elaphiti archipelago, which is only a short boat ride northwest of Dubrovnik, consists of six islands and numerous smaller islets. There is so much to do on a day trip around the islands, from freshest seafood to caves and more, aside from just taking in the breathtaking scenery. The best part is that it's a little off the beaten path in Dubrovnik, giving you a welcome respite from the tourist crowds in the Old Town.


The freshest seafood in Dubrovnik can be found on a boat tour of the Elaphiti Islands (with the best views):

We realize that sounds like a lofty claim, but after hearing what goes into the food at Bowa on Sipan Island, we think you'll agree. Given that the owner enjoys big game fishing, you can anticipate that he will be personally involved in catching and preparing the enormous fresh tuna that makes up the majority of the Bowa menu. Most of the fish is raw, such as carpaccio or sashimi, along with olives, olive oil, vegetables, bread, wines, and other indulgences from the Mediterranean region made only on the island.

This restaurant is among the most beautiful, thanks to the lounge chairs and cabanas overlooking the water.

Hidden caves for some adventure:

See some cliffside caves near the Elaphiti Islands if the weather and sea conditions are favorable. Because they are smaller, lesser-known caves that other major tours won't take you to, the majority of these caves require you to swim into them. The boat will barely fit inside one of the caves, allowing it to turn around and depart.

However, be ready to jump off the boat and swim:

Even though the water might be chilly, you can dry off on your comfortable speed boat afterward before moving on to the next island. Additionally, the stunning green and blue waters—which practically glow when the sun hits them properly—are something you won't want to miss.

Advent into the beautiful seaside monastery and botanical garden:

An old monastery and gardens next to the water can be found on the island of Lopud. You can spend a leisurely afternoon lounging on a rock in the sun, strolling through the gardens, or sipping wine that you bought from Frano's cellar in Sipan.

Explore tiny ancient towns

When you make stops at various islands or beaches, you'll also have the chance to explore quaint communities with illustrious histories. Check out the ancient stone homes, crumbling castles, winding mazes of cobblestone streets, farms of olive and grapes, and old stone homes dotted around each of these towns.

Embrace all of the Croatian history and culture you will learn:

Learn about fascinating anecdotes about the lives of local fishermen, daily life on the tiny Elaphiti islands, and the ancient Dubrovnik folklore surrounding the north and south winds, as well as lessons about the history of tourism in Dubrovnik and how post-war tourism efforts have resulted in overcrowding in today's Old Town.

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