Passeig Esplanada d'Espanya

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One of the most well-liked sights in the city of Alicante and one of the most well-known waterfront promenades in all of Spain is the Explanada de Espaa (Passeig Esplanada d'Espanya in Valencian).

The promenade is prominently visible when entering the major urban area by car or arriving by water and is ideally situated adjacent to the city's key logistical thoroughfares.

It became the most famous recreational area in the city after new sidewalks were constructed amid rows of tall palm trees and flowers to draw in onlookers who were given a new shady and lovely place to sit and unwind.

The promenade's tiled floor is its most distinctive feature. It was constructed from marble mosaic pieces in three distinct colors—Alicante red, ivory cream, and Maquina black (like a very dark blue)—and is patterned in waves to resemble the sea's waves.

The Explanada is today a busy, lively area with lots of cafés, restaurants providing traditional Alicante cuisine, ice cream, and frozen yogurt businesses, as well as more newly emerging, new franchises that are very well-liked by tourists.

How to explore Passeig Esplanada d'Espanya?

  • The Esplanada d'Espanya is very atmospheric at night because it is crowded with street vendors, buskers, performers, and artists selling their artwork.
  • Every summer, there is an artisan market that runs the entire length of the promenade, with booths selling a variety of locally-made crafts and food.
  • Walk along this well-liked promenade. The eye-catching Passeig Esplanada d'Espanya is made up of wavy red, blue, and white tiles.
  • Look around the street kiosks selling regional crafts and mementos.
  • Visit an ice cream shop, restaurant, or cafe for a break.
  • Alternately, take a seat on a wooden chair under a palm tree and take in the harbor's pleasant breeze. The promenade is the perfect spot to unwind and take in the energy of the city.
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Address of Passeig Esplanada d'Espanya

Genaro Codina 722, 03001 Alicante Spain

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