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The Santa Cruz area can be found in the middle of the historic district of Alicante, and it is home to a number of vantage points that provide breathtaking vistas over the bay, the port, and the city of Alicante. It is often considered to be one of Alicante's most authentic and historically significant neighborhoods. The Santa Cruz hermitage was constructed in the 18th century, and it was placed atop the La Ampolla tower, which is one of the few remaining remnants of the original medieval walls that once surrounded Alicante.

It is a neighborhood that is known for its lively streets and picturesque houses that are predominantly white in color. Many of the homes in this neighborhood are adorned with colorful tiles and friezes that make them stand out from one another, and they are all meticulously maintained. If you look closely, you will observe that the names of the families who reside in many of these homes are written on the walls within the homes.

What to see in Barrio Santa Cruz?

  • A one-of-a-kind allure is bestowed upon the neighborhood as a result of the residents' year-round practice of adorning the exteriors and balconies of their homes with lovely plants and flowers. You will quickly realize that this neighborhood rises rapidly into the surrounding mountains, so be sure to visit the surrounding neighborhood, which is full of streets that wind their way up.
  • The Santa Barbara castle, the Santa Cruz hermitage, the Santa Cruz viewpoint, and other similar locations are among the most well-liked tourist destinations in the area.
  • Semana Santa, also known as Easter Week, is the time when the city is at its most joyous and decks itself out in attire, befitting the event with festivities.
  • Every year on Holy Wednesday, the majority of the neighborhood congregates next to the Santa Cruz hermitage to watch the religious Pasos (floats), Costaleros (people who carry the floats), Damas de mantilla (ladies wearing Black Mantilla' veils), and Nazarenos (penitents) as they are carried down the winding streets, overcoming precipitous slopes and obstacles. You can get a feel for the atmosphere of this social and religious gathering by going to the Santa Cruz hermitage.
  • If you are going to go through the trouble of going up and down its streets, you might as well take a break in the middle of your journey to sample some of the local cuisines before continuing your ascent.
  • You may get the vibe of the local nightlife and have a good time while listening to live music and sipping drinks in a fun atmosphere in any number of Santa Cruz's charming restaurants, which contributes to the city's allure during the evening hours.

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