Castel dell'Ovo

Castel dell Ovo is a castle located on the small island of Megaride in the Gulf of Naples, Italy. It is the oldest castle in the city and one of the most important historical landmarks in Naples. The castle was built in the 1st century BC by the Roman general Lucius Licinius Lucullus, and it has been used as a military fortress, a royal palace, and a prison over the centuries.

It is named 'Castle of the Egg' because legend Virgil, a roman poet, states that the castle is built on top of an egg and if the egg is broken, it would cause the castle to collapse. Despite this legend, the castle has stood the test of time and remains an important cultural and historical attraction in the city of Naples.

Castel dell Ovo is one of the oldest castles in Italy and is considered a symbol of the city. This castle offers stunning views of the city and the surrounding area. The castle is also home to several museums and cultural events throughout the year.

How to explore Castel dell'Ovo?

  • Castel dell Ovo is a historic castle that has been standing for centuries. You can take a guided castle tour and learn about its history and architecture.
  • The castle is located on a small islet in the bay of Naples, surrounded by water. You can explore the castle's gardens and take in the beautiful views of the bay.
  • The Museum of Prehistory is located within the castle grounds and contains artifacts from the paleolithic and neolithic periods. Check out this museum for some interesting exhibits.
  • Take a walk along the promenade. The castle is located along a promenade that runs along the waterfront. You can take a leisurely walk along the promenade and enjoy the views of the bay.
  • The bay of Naples is known for its beautiful waters, and you can take a dip in the sea or go for a swim. Just be sure to follow local regulations and swim in designated areas.

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    2 hours

Address of Castel dell'Ovo

Via Eldorado 3 L'accesso al castello è gratuito. 80132, Naples Italy

Opening & Closing time of Castel dell'Ovo

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