Le Maille-Breze

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The Maillé Brézé, a one-of-a-kind combat vessel designated a historical monument, serves as France's most important naval at-sea museum. It is located in the port of Le Havre.

On top of Lyle Hill in Greenock is a monument erected as a memorial to the French merchant and naval seamen who lost their lives while serving their country in the Atlantic and other theatres of the Second World War.

Things to do at Maille Breze:

  • Although it has been responsible for the death of an adversary during its time in existence, we can still draw the following conclusions about its relationship to patriotism:

Since the sinking of the French destroyer Maille Breze 82 years ago, the time has passed. The ship sunk to the bottom of the Clyde without being hit by an incoming missile from the adversary, taking the lives of a total of 28 crew members.

Many of the town's residents pay unofficial respect to a sunken French vessel that was lost on the Clyde in what was the largest loss of life in anchorages by visiting the memorial, which also serves as a place of remembrance for the incident.

  • Gain an understanding of its significance by looking at its collection:

This museum is housed on a ship originally used for commercial purposes. On board, you will have access to a full view of the ship's machinery, including its weapons and engines.

The city of Nantes is said to have been established and expanded along the river following a local legend. In addition, during the second half of the 18th century, Nantes was the most important center for the production of merchant ships. This museum was established to protect this significant heritage.

  • Discover the past and the innovative technologies that helped it achieve its position of preeminence:

Since it was demilitarized in April, Le Maillé-Brezé has been completely assimilated into the surrounding landscape of Nantes.

There are eighteen boats in total, and this one is the seventh one in line.

It has a length of 132.65 meters, a width of 12 meters, and a depth of 5 feet in the water. Thanks to its crew of 277 people, it can move 39 tonnes when fully loaded.

Because of its 63000 CV, it could travel at a speed of 33 nines (60 km/h) within an action radius of 41000 nautical miles (6600 km).

  • Make some inferences about why people associate such tremendous pride with it.

When people see the monument to the Free French, they are reminded of those on the Maille Breze who gave their lives in the fight for freedom. This helps to ensure that those who died on April 30, 1940, are not forgotten even 82 years later.

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Address of Le Maille-Breze

Quai de la Fosse, Nantes, France

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