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One of the top travel locations in Qatar for tourists and locals alike is Khor Al Adaid, often known as the 'Inland Sea.' One of only 3 locations in the world where the sea and sand dunes meet is Khor Al Adaid beach. Its lagoon system is unmatched anywhere else on the globe. This large tidal embayment is connected to the Arabian Gulf by a 10-kilometer-long, deep, and narrow waterway. Both Saudi Arabia and Qatar share the embayment, which has shorelines in both nations. 

People familiar with the location know that it is a haven of peace, adventure, and leisure. Its natural beauty is undisturbed and unadulterated. People who have been there once frequently return. 

When the weather becomes cooler and winter arrives, Khor Al Adaid is at its most picturesque. The best time to visit this Qatari landmark is from November through April. 

How to explore Khor Al Adaid beach? 

  • The crystal-clear, flawless seawater, which is excellent for swimming and just splashing around, will enchant and enthrall you. 
  • Enjoy the golden sand dunes' delicate beauty and ever-changing changes while you go sand-skating. 
  • Explore the glory of the beach by taking a stroll along a path on the sand. 
  • A fabulous area to spend the day with friends and family is Khor Al Adaid beach. If you want to enjoy desert camping at its finest and in the most natural style, you should bring your tents because the area offers beautiful camping spots. 
  • The desert may be reached by 4x4 cars that can maneuver across picturesque sand dunes. 
  • Raised plateaus, steep ridges and crags, and coastal sabkha are further characteristics of this desert (a flat area between the sea and the desert that can be identified by its crusty surface, which is made up of wind-blown sediments, tidal deposits, calcium carbonate, gypsum, and salt deposits). 
  • You can also investigate recently found salt hillocks that have a gypsum and salt coating on them. These have enhanced the region's overall beauty. 
  • A birdwatcher's paradise, you will also see fauna, including Arabian gazelles, oryx, and camels, as well as flamingos, cormorants, seagulls, terns, ospreys, and ducks. 
  • Learn about aquatic creatures such as dugongs, which are an endangered species, as well as marine reptiles, crustaceans, molluscs, finless porpoises, bottlenose dolphins, humpback dolphins, Bryde's whales, fish, and turtles. 
  • You might also discover seagrass meadows, macroalgae, fleshy algae, and coral reefs if you go scuba diving or snorkeling in these waters. 
  • Small islands utilized for farming and fishing throughout the Paleolithic era are among the archaeological and heritage sites you can discover here. 
  • You will also witness a stony desert that the Bedouins and their grazing animals formerly called home.
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Address of Khor Al Udaid Beach

In Land Sea Off Rd 60 Km Away South-East of Doha, Mesaieed, Qatar

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