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Like most of Madrid, the strip honors the past while embracing the present. Boutique shops and global brands are situated in some of Madrid's most recognizable historic buildings. The Gran Via was designed as a route that would link Madrid's northwest region with the historic district. Four streets, two convents, and a market were leveled for the new commercial area. This gave the architects of the time the chance to create massive, splendid structures in the newest architectural styles.

Things to do at Gran Via:

  • Spend some time leisurely strolling the street while holding your camera:

It is not surprising that tourists swarm to this area of Madrid to take in the views and the distinctive 20th-century architecture because the buildings on this street are spectacular. The Gran Via exhibits less well-known architectural movements like historicism and rationalism alongside more well-known ones like beaux arts and art déco. One of the main attractions on this street is the Metropolis Skyscraper. This office building has gained notoriety for serving as the Gran Va's emblem because of its stunning exterior and majestic statue perched atop its dome.

  • Watch a performance

Madrid's Gran Va, renowned as the city's very own Broadway, is never short of activities. One of the numerous theatres on and around Gran Va is the perfect place to catch performances of the Lion King, Cirque du Soleil, Les Misérables, flamenco, stand-up comedy, ballet, or famous Spanish dramas. La Chocita del Loro is one of the top locations for stand-up comedy.

  • Experience gastronomy from Spain:

It is obvious that there are many excellent restaurants in the vicinity, given that the Gran Via is one of Madrid's main thoroughfares and one of the city's top attractions. In addition to various other dishes, tourists can enjoy strawberry gazpacho, Spanish ham and potato omelets, the classic cocido madrileo, and much more. They can even watch cooks create meals from the restaurant. 

  • Shop to your heart's delight:

This street is home to most Spanish high-end and high-street fashion labels and some foreign designers. Since El Corte Inglés is the archetypal Spanish retailer, visiting is unquestionably worthwhile. It has been around for years and is home to several well-known brands, including Chanel, Dior, and Carolina Herrera.

  • Visit the theatre

There are presently only three theatres surviving on this street, which once had fifteen, making it the capital's premier location for movies. Visit Cines Capitol or the art deco Cines Callao if you want to see a movie in Spanish. Cine Renoir Princesa, a short distance from the Gran Va's Plaza de Espaa section, offers movies in their native languages for those who still struggle with Spanish.

  • Feel religious and make room for some prayers at Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales:

Its name, 'Monastery of the Barefoot Royals,' refers to a monastery housed inside a historic royal palace. Since there are currently just a few nuns remaining, tourists are welcome to enter and explore the museum, which features unusual items like the dowries of noblewomen.

  • Visit Plaza de Espaa and take in the scenery:

It is a decent-sized plaza in the center of the historic district, and folks frequently gather to enjoy the lovely weather and surroundings while eating lunch or playing cards on the grass. The Calle Princesa, where there is more commerce, and the Calle de Bailén, which leads to the Royal Palace, are only a few significant streets it connects to the Gran Via.

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