Pyramids of Dahshour

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The Pyramids of Dahshur are a group of ancient Egyptian pyramids located in the desert plateau of Dahshur, about 40 kilometers south of Cairo. There are several pyramids in Dahshur, but the two most famous ones are the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid.

The Dahshur pyramids were built during ancient Egypt's Old Kingdom period, which lasted from around 2686 BC to 2181 BC. They are some of the earliest examples of true pyramids and played an essential role in the evolution of pyramid-building techniques in Egypt.

Today, the pyramids of Dahshur are a popular tourist attraction, and they continue to fascinate archaeologists and historians with their impressive engineering and ancient history.

How to explore The Pyramids of Dahshur?

  • Explore the Bent Pyramid: This pyramid is also known as the Southern Shining Pyramid. It was built during Pharaoh Sneferu's reign in the 26th century BC. It is called the Bent Pyramid because of its unusual shape the angle of the sides changes halfway up the pyramid, giving it a bent appearance. It was originally built at a steep angle, but the angle was reduced during construction due to stability concerns. This pyramid was the first attempt at constructing an accurate, smooth-sided pyramid.
  • Explore the Red Pyramid: This pyramid is also known as the North Pyramid. It was built during the reign of Sneferu. It is called the Red Pyramid because of the reddish color of its limestone blocks. It is the third-largest pyramid in Egypt, after the pyramids of Khufu and Khafre at Giza. The Red Pyramid is considered to be one of the best-preserved pyramids in Egypt, and it is open to visitors for exploration.
  • Visit the Pyramid of Sneferu: Sneferu was a pharaoh who ruled during the Old Kingdom period and was responsible for building both the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid. His pyramid complex is also located in Dahshur.
  • Learn about ancient Egyptian history: The Dahshur pyramids are an important part of ancient Egyptian history and offer you the opportunity to learn about the culture, religion, and daily life of the ancient Egyptians.
  • Take a camel or horseback ride: You can take a camel or horseback ride around the Dahshur pyramids for a unique and unforgettable experience.
  • Visit the Dahshur necropolis: The Dahshur necropolis is a cemetery complex that contains numerous tombs and burial chambers. You can explore the necropolis and learn about ancient Egyptian burial practices.
  • Visit the Dahshur Lake: Dahshur Lake is a nearby freshwater lake that offers a peaceful escape from busy tourist attractions. You can relax by the lake, go fishing, or take a boat ride.
  • Enjoy a picnic: The desert plateau around the Dahshur pyramids is a scenic spot for a picnic. You can bring a picnic basket and enjoy a meal while taking in the stunning views.

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Address of Pyramids of Dahshour

Giza Egypt, 40 kilometer (25 miles) from Cairo

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