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From a desert that has reached the ocean, the National Museum of Qatar emerges, focusing on the history of Qatar. Symbolically, the desert and its silent, everlasting dimension are evoked in the architecture, as well as the spirit of modernism and daring that has arrived and shattered what appeared unbreakable. So, the historical paradoxes are what this seeks to evoke.

The complex structure of the Museum, which is made up of enormous interlocking discs that encircle the old Palace like a necklace and have different diameters and curvatures, was inspired by the desert rose. Some discs are vertical and serve as supports, while others are horizontal and rest on other discs. A central court known as the Baraha sits within the circle of galleries and is used as a meeting spot for outdoor cultural events.


The first describes the story of the peninsula and its inhabitants over a sizable period. The second looks at both coastal and desert lives and the pearling industry. The third talks about the startling acceleration that transformed the kingdom into the powerful and prosperous nation it is today in only a few decades.

• Audio Visual Treats

A series of short art films NMoQ commissioned from a list of renowned international filmmakers surround the objects and bring the experience to life. Each film is specially adapted to the constantly curved, uneven shape and is projected against the walls of the galleries at an enormous scale and with mesmerizing clarity.

• Gift Shops

On the ground floor of the Koichi Takada-designed museum, the NMoQ has two gift stores. A wide variety of unique items are available at the main store, many of which are inspired by Qatar's history, culture, and legacy.

There is also a children's gift shop that sells a wide selection of souvenirs and gifts that are designed and inspired locally, such as educational toys, books, puzzles, and games.

• Restaurants

Café 875 in the National Museum offers modern Qatari cuisine and overlooks the main lobby. The Jiwan Restaurant is situated on a higher level, offering panoramic views of the sea, while the Desert Rose café is situated in the middle of the permanent gallery route.

• Engagement in Education and the Community

The Museum's neighborhood public park, 112,000 square meters (28 acres), is entirely landscaped with native plants that can withstand drought and has family-friendly interactive learning settings, paths, and a lagoon. Children can learn via play and exploration in the outdoor spaces, discovering important facets of Qatari life in a way that mirrors what they learn within the Museum. These are places where workshops, contests, and courses on arts education are held, as well as other events for people of all ages, particularly for school pupils.

• Commissioned Site Work

Contemporary art is essential to these areas intended for guest hospitality, no less than it is throughout the rest of the Museum. Kan Ya Ma Kaan, a sculpture wall piece by Qatari artist Bouthayna Al Muftah, is incorporated inside the main-lobby Café 875. The piece is inspired by traditional jewelry from Qatar and 'Thahab,' or 875 gold (21 karats, 87.5% gold).

Additionally, NMoQ has hired regional, national, and worldwide artists to produce brand-new pieces shown inside the structure and outdoors on the vast grounds, adding another dimension of emotion and imagination to the experience.

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Address of National Museum of Qatar

Museum Park Street off the Doha Corniche, Doha Qatar

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National Museum of Qatar

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