Mosque and Madrasa of Sultan Hassan

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Since its creation in the 14th century, the mosque-madrasa-funeral complex of the Mamluk Sultan Hasan in Cairo has been regarded as one of the greatest mosque complexes ever created, with a 15th-century observer describing it as a structure having 'no counterpart in the whole globe.' The same area has a mosque, a madrasa (school), a mausoleum, and other structures.

The four main schools of Sunni Islamic theology—Hanafi, Malaki, Hanbali, and Shafi'i—have a liwan (teaching room) on each of the four walls of the inner courtyard, which is why it is set up in a cruciform shape. It is still one of Cairo's largest mosque complexes today. The mosque is praised for having the most aesthetically pleasing architecture of any of Cairo's enormous mosques. It is a large and typical example of the architectural style of the time. The interior, which is tastefully decorated, has a dramatic effect thanks to its large centre court and strong verticality. Visitors enter through a huge, ornately carved entrance into a surprisingly modest, gloomy tunnel that leads to a spacious, tranquil courtyard with a domed fountain in the middle. The largest portal in Cairo leads into the complex, which is topped by an immense hood covered in muqarnas (carved stalactite-shaped decoration).

You enter a vestibule after going through the door, from which you can choose to access the mosque or other parts of the complex.

A pointed arch, stone ablaq (alternating colour stone), and Gothic-style colonettes are added to the mihrab niche, which also points in the direction of Mecca. These features were added as a result of interactions with the Crusader kingdoms in and around Jerusalem.

The Mamluks brought about a dramatic change in planning and symbolism by placing the mausoleum—Sultan Hasan's intended eternal resting place—directly behind the qibla wall with the mihrab. Even today's visitors will undoubtedly be awed by the building's stunning and intimidating architecture, despite its colossal scale, which made it a spectacle in its day.

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Address of Mosque and Madrasa of Sultan Hassan

Maydan Salah al-Din, Cairo 11511 Egypt

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Mosque and Madrasa of Sultan Hassan

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