Al-Rifai Mosque

Crosses are written alongside Quranic texts on the walls of this enormous mosque in Egypt.

Stroll through this glitz to experience the allure of breathtaking royal temples. Greetings from Al Rifai Mosque, the turning moment in Egypt's cultural and political history!

In Cairo, next to the Saladin Citadel, the modern Al Rifa'i Mosque contrasts with its earlier counterpart, the Sultan Hassan Mosque-Madrassa. It was built as part of the 19th-century Egyptian rulers' intention to modernise the capital city and embrace the glory years of Egypt's Islamic also regarded as the foremost location where Sufis practise their traditions.

Khosheir Hanim created this impressive archaeological mosque at the expense of the most powerful Egyptian engineers. It overlooks squares and straight boulevards, two features of European city planning implemented during Muhammad' Ali's rule and his successors to modernise Egypt's traditional society.

Walk around this magnificent mosque in Egypt, and you will find yourself within an accessible museum that chronicles the development of Islamic architecture in Egypt. The pedestrian enclosure seems to offer some mystery as to what is behind those enormous stone walls once the clamour and bustle of the busy streets are left behind.

It's a fantastic museum where you can immerse yourself in the lives of five legendary kings, including the Khedive, Sultan, Two Kings, and Shah. The mosque has numerous wonders, as well as countless shrines and names. You will also be drawn in by the overlap of the three religions embodied there and visible to you.

Address of Al-Rifai Mosque

Salah Eldin Square, Khalifa District, Cairo, Egypt

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