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This museum structure is a futuristic sand castle that pulls from the language of Stealth. Since Jordan is known for its desert castles, the look of a desert fortress was picked for this 20,000-square-metre monument as tanks are considered mobile fortresses. It is based on Arabic and Islamic sand castles, but it has a modern interpretation that reflects Jordan's current state; Jordanian artists are completing numerous new contemporary projects. The display structures' physical shapes are trapezoidal and angular, complementing the Museum's architecture and themes by forming interconnected spatial volumes that strengthen the historical meanings.

The project's design, which gained widespread acclaim, is anticipated to contend for worldwide accolades. Its exhibition space, over 20,000 square meters and divided into thirteen halls, features hundreds of light and heavy military items arranged in historical chronological sequence 'for a dramatic impact.' Building the Museum itself took ten years. This comprised not just the structure itself but, more significantly, the purchase of over 120 cars, some of which dated back to 1915 and came from around the world. The museum's primary goal was to showcase the armor and vehicles employed by the Jordanian Armed Forces and the fundamental conflicts Jordan has participated in since the invention of vehicle warfare.

The Battle of Karameh, other significant historical occurrences, and other tanks created and modified in Jordan may all be seen at the museum. Additionally, a sizable portion is devoted to the Kingdom's role in developing tanks. From the idea of the museum, following His Majesty King Abdullah, to the design, which included the building design, the masterplan, the set design, the dioramas, multimedia design, and the graphic work, it is unquestionably a work of art created by Jordanian hands that all Jordanians can be proud of.

A bridge between past and future:

Around 110 tanks are in each hall, many of which are historical and have served in Jordan's previous wars and battles. Each hall offers a unique perspective on equipment and scenery. To create a dramatic impression and significant atmosphere, the inside is planned with the aim that everything should look clear and majestic from where you stand, with simple access to the 13 halls grouped in chronological order.

The museum aims to outline the historical developments that shaped the Hashemite Kingdom and the major conflicts that have shaped the world. It also examines Jordan's military development to the present.

Visitors cannot help but admire the brilliant minds behind the technology of these mobile fortresses as they walk alongside the enormous beasts of World Wars I and II, which have kept their inhabitants safe despite their cramped interiors.

Cosmopolitan assortment sourced from across the globe:

Vehicles from all over the world might now be included thanks to the establishment of the International Hall. Through an exchange arrangement with various museums, these vehicles came to be. The museum offers its guests a cutting-edge educational and entertaining experience using cutting-edge audio and visual equipment. The museum's layout and design were carefully considered, and they follow a timeline of Jordanian military history from its inception during the British Empire to modern-day weaponry.

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