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About Chennai

Chennai lies on the Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal and the capital of the southern state Tamilnadu of India; it is the fifth largest and third most populated city in India. It is also called as the gateways to South India. When British ruled India, Chennai was one of their business hubs due to its large coastal line. You can still find the structures, aged more than 100 years in the city mirroring the British culture. Also, Chennai is treated as one of the cultural hubs of India. 2000 year old dance form ‘Bharatanatyam’ was born in Tamilnadu. Chennai is also famous for its Medical miracles. It is a hub for world class hospitals and doctors. Chennai owns the unique style, ambiance and culture that compel you to kill your time. The metropolis is sprawled in 426Km2 with a population roughly around 4,681,087, and Indian Rupee (INR) is the currency used.

Temperature oC
Local Time
Today’s Time
Indian Rupee
1USD= 64.51INR

Transportation within the City

Trains, Buses, Cars, Taxis and Auto-rickshaw are most commonly used modes of transport in and around the city. Almost all the hotels offer car services which will ride you through the malls and main shopping centres. Fare of Trains and Buses are cheaper when compared with other modes of transport.

Popular Sports in Chennai

Cricket, Hockey, Horse riding, Sailing sports, Golf, Table tennis are commonly played sports in Chennai. The city has stadium for all the above sports and hosts many international tournaments.

Weather in Chennai

Chennai has tropical savannah climate with dry winters the temperature variation from 21°C to 38°C and is rarely below 20°C or above 41°C as the city is mostly covered with crop lands, oceans and seas, built-up areas, lakes and rivers. The hottest season recorded as high as 38°C and low of 28°C and the coldest season recorded as low as 21°C and as high 30°C. It experiences summers in between April to June, rains in between July to September and winter in between October to February.

Emergency Numbers

For any criminal offense, ambulance services, tourist enquiry you can call to the toll free numbers # 100, 108, 1913.

Embassy Information

Embassies of many countries are sprawled in the city. Addresses of the desired country can be availed on web or local help lines. Dial – 8888888888 for any kind of information or address related.

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